The year 2020 ended with the lowest murder count since 2013 and the lowest murder rate since 2001. Official data from the Belize Police Department indicate that there were 102 murders during the year: 91 males and 11 females. This 2-page report provides some highlights and important observations, particularly as they relate to the Belize City precincts.

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The Belize Crime Observatory joined the world community on 18 November 2020 in celebrating World GIS Day! Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a powerful weapon in the arsenal of intelligence analysts to support evidence-based decisions and policies. Click the button above for the PowerPoint presentation, looking at Belize’s Murder Rate (past, present, and projected). Thanks to Total Business Solutions Limited in Belize for hosting the virtual forum, and to ESRI for continuing to lead the way forward.

End-of-Year Stakeholder Session

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To chart the way forward for the BCO to fulfill this function, the Ministry of Home Affairs & New Growth Initiatives (formerly the Ministry of National Security) commissioned the preparation of this costed 3-year Strategic Action Plan (2020 – 2023) for the Belize Crime Observatory. The initiative to draft this Plan was funded by the USAID through the InfoSegura Project.

The Plan entails four (4) Strategic Lines to be met over the three-year period (2020-2023), in order to address priority needs and gaps. The Strategic Lines are: (i) Consolidating the BCO, (ii) Strengthening Crime Information Management, (iii) Interagency Coordination, and (iv) Stakeholder Engagement and Communications.