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The Ministry of National Security convened the National Citizen Security Summit on Wednesday, 18 July 2018, at the Belize City Civic Centre. It reached out to all stakeholders across Belize in order to formulate new ways or suggested solutions to address citizen security issues, especially for Region 1 in Belize City. Earlier this year, the Ministry began intense consultations with the private sector, unions, the churches and other stakeholders, and has since moved to bring all parties together for a national summit to combat crime in Belize. A sub-group is due to meet in August to move the process forward.


           This multi-stakeholder symposium engaged various interest groups for candid, non-partisan discussions on the way forward.

Summit objectives: 

(1) To let the remaining stakeholders and other interest groups know what the Ministry of National Security is doing to address Citizens Security and more importantly, how they can partner with MNS in their efforts.

(2) To discuss new ways or suggested solutions to address citizens security issues especially for Region 1 in Belize City.



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National Citizen Security Summit to be convened on July 18

BELMOPAN, Tuesday, 10 July 2018

The Belize Crime Observatory (BCO) has been providing support to the Ministry of National Security (MNS) for the upcoming Citizen Security Summit, due to be held 18 July 2018 at the Belize City Civic Center.

The Summit will provide a forum for stakeholders and other interest groups to examine existing national security policies, strategies, and plans, as well as to identify possible solutions to Belize’s unique law enforcement challenges. The participants will be tasked with identifying feasible, acceptable, and suitable solutions to improve citizen security. These solutions will be used to influence existing and future citizen security policies and plans for Belize.

PSU consult


The Crime Control Council’s motto states that: “Crime is a Community Problem and requires a Community Solution,” and it is with this in mind that the Ministry of National Security invites the participation of all segments of civil society, including the corporate sectors, who are desirous of engaging in meaningful discussion in effecting solutions to the current social problems of violence, crime and social disorder.


All relevant documents can be accessed in the BCO's repository HERE or below:



  1. pdfStakeholder Consultation with NTUCB on Citizens Security
  2. pdfStakeholder Consultation with Churches on Citizens Security
  3. pdfStakeholder Consultation with BTIA on Citizens Security
  4. pdfStakeholder Consultation with BNTU on Citizens Security
  5. pdfStakeholder Consultation with BCCI on Citizens Security
  6. pdfStakeholder Consultation with Public Service Union on Citizens Security
  7. pdfStakeholder Consultation with San Pedro Town Council on Citizens Security



  1. pdfGrowth and Sustainable Development Strategy 2016
  2. pdfChildren's Agenda 2017-2030
  3. pdfHandbook on Sexual Violence 2012
  4. pdfHarold Crooks Review of the Belize Police Department
  5. pdfMale Social Particpation and Violence in Belize
  6. pdfBelize Education Sector Strategy 2011-2016
  7. pdfBelize Health Sector Strategic Plan 2014-2024
  8. pdfEarly Warning System Plan for At-risk School Children
  9. pdfSICA Strategic Framework for Prevention of Violence
  10. pdfRESTORE Belize Strategic Plan
  11. pdfNational Youth Development Policy for Belize 2012
  12. pdfNational Security and Defence Strategy 2017-2020
  13. pdfNational Public Proposal on the Prevention of Youth Involved Violence
  14. pdfNational Gender-Based Violence Plan of Action, 2010
  15. pdfNational Crime Fighting Strategy 2018-2020
  16. pdfHorizon 2030, Belize


  1. pdf2018 Police Amendment
  2. pdf2018 Firearms Act Amendment
  3. pdf2018 Crime Control and Criminal Justice Amendment
  4. pdf2017 Criminal Code Amendment
  5. pdf2017 Crown Proceedings Amendment
  6. pdf2017 Evidence Amendment Bill
  7. pdf2017 Indictable Procedure Amendment
  8. pdf2017 Misuse of Drugs Act
  9. pdf2017 Parole Act
  10. pdf2010 Interception of Communications Act
  11. pdf2008 Crime Control Amendment
  12. pdf2008 Firearms Act Amendment
  13. pdf2008 Prohibited Firearm SI
  14. pdfCrime Control and Criminal Justice Act
  15. pdfCriminal Code
  16. pdfFamilies and Children Act
  17. pdfJuvenile Offenders Act
  18. pdfPrevention of Corruption in Public Life
  19. pdfBelize Constitution


  1. xlsxCrimes Comparative July 2017 - July 2018 XLS
  2. xlsxCrimes Comparative June 2017-2018 June (Revised) XLS
  3. xlsxCrimes Comparative Jan to Dec 2016 and 2017 XLS
  4. xlsxCrimes Comparative Jan to Dec 2015 and 2016 XLS
  5. xlsxCrimes Comparative Jan to Dec 2013 and 2014 XLS
  6. xlsxCrimes Comparative Jan to Dec 2012 and 2013 XLS
  7. pdfCrime Stats Presentation 2009
  8. pdfCrime Statistics Jan-Dec 2000-2007


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  1. Belize Problem Solving Crime Analysis Reference Guide